The Union of Tarikats supports the path of democracy, building of the modern state as a realization of the Prophetic vision for a society of knowledge, solidarity, tolerance and equality, a society which embody ethical values, conscience, inclusive respect, and as a society which cultivates beauty.

The Union of Tarikats supports the state of Kosovo in achieving security, wellbeing and the realization of an society open for human values.

The Union of Tarikats will support the institutions of Kosovo in building the rule of law which realizes the mentioned values ​​and is against corruption, negligence, mismanagement, inequality, exclusion and non-transparency in society.

The Union of Tarikats in particular wants to work together with Kosovo institutions to build a society without prejudices that we know as racism, ethnic hatred, homophobia, misogyny, islamophobia, sufiphobia and other forms of exclusion that distroys trust between people.

Religious communities in Kosovo have not yet realized their legal status and are operating illegally, which allows some of them to work irresponsibly, taking advantage of the situation. Kosovo institutions must take this issue seriously. The impossibility of legal existence and the lack of responsibility that comes with it, created the conditions in which Kosovo was ranked among the states that export terrorism, with the consequences of stagnation in Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Assembly of the Union of Kosovo Tarikats invites Kosovo institutions to open the door to communication and social dialogue, which is lacking in the field of religious communities, because there is no democracy with deaf ears and closed doors.

With prayers for the spiritual prosperity of Kosovo society, well-being and authentic freedom, we wish you successful governance and conscientious service to the people.

Assembly of the Union of Kosovo Tarikats